IoT Security: Bridging the Skill Gap in the Growing Industry

The growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry has created a proliferation of connected devices that have revolutionized the way we live and work. While these devices bring convenience and efficiency to our lives, they also create new opportunities for malicious actors to carry out sophisticated attacks.   

The interconnected nature of IoT devices and the large amounts of sensitive data they collect make them prime targets for cybercriminals. As the IoT industry continues to expand, the threat of attacks on IoT devices increases and IoT security becomes a big concern for companies, including organizations with an in-house security team. Some of the reasons that justify this statement are:   

Huge Cybersecurity Skill Gap in IoT Industry:   

The skill gap in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry is a big concern for IoT manufacturers and security companies because of the growing number of these devices being used in various industries and households. This widespread adoption of IoT devices has led to an increased demand for experts who can secure these devices. However, the pool of skilled security professionals who have expertise in this domain is relatively small, which creates a significant gap in the industry.  

This skill gap leaves many organizations and individuals vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in these devices and networks to gain access to sensitive information, steal data, and cause disruptions.   

Limited Learning Resources About IoT Security:   

The limited availability of learning resources about IoT security can significantly impact the growth and development of the IoT industry. Since IoT devices are becoming increasingly connected and integrated into our daily lives, it makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And, with limited resources, it will become difficult for developers, manufacturers, and users to understand the threats and effectively secure their devices.   

The limited learning resources can also hamper the financial growth of the IoT industry, as manufacturers may be reluctant to invest in the technology if they lack the knowledge to ensure its security.   

Less Hands-on Experience 

Penetration Testing is a critical aspect in ensuring the security and reliability of IoT devices, and without proper experience, it can be difficult to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. For example, a lack of experience with testing may lead to missing critical software or firmware vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to the device or its data.   

In addition, hands-on penetration testing requires a deep understanding of the underlying technology and its behavior, as well as the ability to execute various types of attacks and exploits. Without experience, it may be difficult to properly execute these tests, leading to missed vulnerabilities, ineffective remediation efforts, and a reduced level of security and reliability for the technology.  

Furthermore, the IoT Security industry has a huge demand for professionals with refined skills and the existing skills gap can prove to be a stepping career option for people interested in this arena.  

Benefits Of Working In The Iot Security Industry:   

High Demand: The demand for IoT security experts is growing rapidly as more and more connected devices are being introduced to the market. This creates many job opportunities for those with the right skills and expertise.  

Exponential growth opportunities with Competitive Salaries: IoT security professionals are in high demand, which often results in competitive salaries. Additionally, many companies offer bonuses and other incentives for employees who have specialized skills or certifications in IoT security.  

Career Advancement: The IoT security industry is constantly evolving, and professionals who stay updated with the latest technologies and trends will have many opportunities for career advancement.  

Opportunities for Innovation: IoT security professionals can work on cutting-edge technologies and projects, which can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling.  

With these benefits, if you are interested in learning about this industry, here’s what you can do to get into the IoT landscape and learn about it:   

How You Can Learn About Iot Security:   

Get a Hands-on Learning Kit like EXPLIOT IoT Security Learning kit:   

DIY kits like the EXPLIoT IoT Security Learning Kit let you learn at your own pace. It comes with a compressive lab manual that helps perform hardware/radio attacks, and analysis using a curated set of challenges. So, whether you are a security professional planning to get into this high-tech field or someone who wants to learn and explore the hardware security domain, this kit will allow you to do everything on your own.  

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Refer Learning Guides like Hands-on Iot Hacking:   

A learning guide like the Hands-on IoT hacking will help you get into the core of the system of hacking. It compiles everything you need to know about hardware hacking, like what hardware hacking is, its growing importance, the must-know terminologies, different tools, as well as attack surfaces. The e-book also lets you learn about firmware, BLE, ZigBee and IoT protocols. 

Get Yourself Enrolled In Practical Iot Hacking Training: 

Did you know that 95% of IoT Security training is hands-on? So, train with industry leaders by enrolling yourself in practical IoT hacking training. Whether you are a professional or someone who wants to kickstart their IoT security journey, there are different courses that you can choose from and expand your experience.   


The hyper-adoption of IoT devices is increasing the attack area, leaving security at the mercy of cyber-criminals. Enterprises should jump in and adopt robust IoT security solutions to protect, prevent, and deter cyber threats. As highlighted, the EXPLIoT IoT Security learning kit will teach you the skill to identify vulnerabilities. It's a learning kit not a vulnerability identification kit. Although some tools from the kit can be used later during actual security assessment.  You can get started by learning techniques for hacking IoT devices.  


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Natael Courtuier