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 IoT Cybersecurity Industry Trend 

There are now more than 10 billion active devices in the world. By 2025, there will be approximately 75.44 billiondevices connected to the Internet of Things, with tens of thousands joining each day.

A Complete IoT Hacking Course for Security Professionals 


Crafted by the Industry experts and IoTSF Champions 

Opportunity for employment 

Self-paced video lessons available forever 

Build job-readiness and career advancement skills 

100% practical with real-world examples    

Out of the book, experience learning  

Get resume advice and interview tips 

Acquire a Certificate of Completion 

Learn how to handle the latest IoT cyberthreats.


Ethical Hacking 

Hardware Hacking 

Penetration Testing 



Firmware Hacking 

Gain practical experience with cutting edge tools.


IoT Auditor 

IoT Learning Kit 

Zigbee Auditor 

Bus Auditor 

eXos VM -

Training Material

Practical IoT Hacking Lab Manual 

practical IoT security program

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With the help of recent developments in the field, in-house resources, and a carefully planned method of instruction, this advanced course covers every aspect of Internet of Things (IoT) security.

Who Should Take the Course? 

Penetration testers tasked with auditing IoT 

Government officials from defensive or offensive units 

Red team members tasked with compromising the IoT infrastructure 

Security professionals who want to build IoT security skills 

Bug hunters who want to find new bugs in IoT products 

Embedded security enthusiasts 

IoT Developers and testers 

Anyone interested in IoT security