They Trust Us!

EXPLIoT is proud to safeguard the IoT industry by equipping today's market-leading brands with gadgets, innovations, and technology


IoTSF Champion Award Winner

We are proud to win the IoTSF Champions' first prize, demonstrating our IoT cybersecurity stewardship and leadership in the industry. 

MeitY-DSCI Cyber Security Grand Challenge 

Recognized by Cyber Security Grand Challenge conducted by MeitY, in partnership with DSCI. A grand challenge of Cyber Security Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  


We're a team of ethical hackers who love to test and question everything. Every day, we come up with new ways to pull tricks on IoT devices so that we can be proactive and help create a safer cyber-world for the future! 

Our goal is to: 

1) Expose security flaws in IoT products  

2) Offer IoT Security Tools to anyone who needs them, whether they are individuals or professionals attempting to safeguard their firms from the faceless threat of cybercrime or an IoT security beginner.  

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