DIVA IoT Board

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DIVA [Damn Insecure and Vulnerable Application] board is a connected IoT device and a vulnerable target board designed to teach the basics of IoT security.

DIVA integrates an ARM cortex M4 microcontroller and a 802.15.4 radio on the board. It comes with many more on-board peripherals including, SPI and I2C EEPROMS, IR receiver, temperature sensor, RGB LED, input switches etc.

The board provides a standard JTAG debug interface as well as a SWD port that can be used to debug programs from the host PC. The inbuilt USB port can be used for accessing the serial console and for firmware upgrades in DFU mode.



  •    USB 2.0 virtual com interface
  •    USB Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) support
  •    Memory - onboard 256 kb I2C EEPROM and 256 kb SPI EEPROM
  •    Standard JTAG debug interface as well as ARM SWD interface
  •    GDB Debugging support
  •    Can be used with any openocd supported debugger/programmer
  •    UART debugging port
  •    Exposed I2C and SPI lines for easier access
  •    Built-in 802.15.4 radio
  •    Supports IR reception (from standard remote controls)
  •    Power -

Host computer power-up the board, no external power supply required

Stand-alone mode with external power supply (6v to 12v)

  •    On-board LED array and a power LED
  •    Compact size 84mm x 70mm
  •    Some challenges are preloaded in the firmware, New firmware releases with updated     challenges will be available at [www.expliot.io]
  •    Package contains - DIVA board, USB cable






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