Expliot Framework

(Pronounced - expl-aa-yo-tee)


Internet Of Things Exploitation Framework

Expliot is a framework for security testing IoT and IoT infrastructure. It provides a set of plugins (test cases)
and can be extended easily to create new plugins. The name expliot is a pun on exploit and explains the purpose of
the framework i.e. IoT exploitation. It is developed in python3

Expliot is developed in python3. It will not work on python2



Easy to use
Easy to extend
Support for most IoT protocols
Support for Radio IoT protocols
Support for hardware protocols
One-stop-shop for IoT and IoT infrastructure security testing.


Make sure you have python3 installed

$ Install bluepy dependency => libglib2
$ sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev

$ Install pyspiflash/pyftdi dependency => libusb1
$ sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0

Download the repo.

$ git clone https://gitlab.com/expliot_framework/expliot.git

$ cd expliot
$ sudo python3 setup.py install


$ sudo expliot


Suggest new plugins/test cases
Share any vulnerability information that can be translated to a plugin
Please do not submit a patch, instead send me an email about what you have in mind
Report bugs


Name: Aseem Jakhar
Twitter: @aseemjakhar

Linkedin: Aseem Jakhar


aseemjakhar AT gmail DOT com