5 Best gifts for hackers: The essentials for the hacking world

In life, you may come across many occasions when you need to buy a gift for your loved ones. You know what, the worst part about the gift is- it is quite hard to choose the appropriate item that fits in your budget and surprises the receiver as well. When you are looking for ideal gifts for hackers then options will be limited. 

Suppose you want to purchase a gift for your friend who has a deep interest in cybersecurity or programming; hunting for the options would be troublesome. Read this blog carefully, here you will find the different gift options, including books, high-tech learning kits, trending digital devices, and many more. 

Table of contents  

  • Suitable gift categories 

  • Exploit IoT Security Learning Kit 

  • Hands-on Internet of things hacking  

  • USB Ninja 

  • Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Mark VII 

  • Practice Lab Subscriptions 


Suitable gift categories  

When you want to select a gift for someone active in the world of hacking then refer below-mentioned categories for unique gifts for hackers - 

  • Computer accessories are no doubt the simplest options. As we all know, hackers are always busy with their computers and laptops. If you give them any computer accessory then it can be a useful gift. 
  • Hackers are usually tech-friendly and keep looking for the latest digital gadgets. If you come across a newly launched digital product then you can choose that too.   
  • The reasoning and constant problem-solving activities are the biggest strengths of a hacker. Hence you give them any kind of puzzle or a brainstorming game; they will be going to like it for sure.  

      1. Exploit IoT Security Learning Kit 

When you want to purchase a gift for someone who just started his journey as a hacker then- what would be better than an IoT security learning kit? It is a simple classroom-style package that will help to understand the fundamentals of the world of hacking through various IoT security research tools, information regarding the vulnerable targets, and real-world challenges.  

Why choose it?  

  • It provides a complete idea about the Security of different IoT Devices.  
  • The concept of Firmware Reversing is explained in great detail. 
  • Throws optimum light on the Bluetooth Low Energy.    
  • It also includes Zigbee Exploitation.  
  • With the Exploit IoT Security Learning Kit, the hacker will get a complete idea about Hacking Smart Plugs. 
  • With this kit, one can easily get a complete understanding of Embedded Device Exploitation. 

It would be an ideal gift for someone who had just started learning the basics of hacking. You can buy this gift for any hacker without any occasion as well; because Exploit IoT Security Learning Kit is something that helps every hacker to move ahead in the journey.  

      2. Chameleon Tiny 

 This RFID emulation device is exceptionally capable of simulating multiple types of RFID Tag formats and thus it gets a place on our list of gifts for hackers. Hackers love a portable device that is not just versatile but also incredibly stealthy. Chameleon Tiny is the perfect gift for RFID hackers as it can emulate MIFARE Classic® (1k & 4k, with 4- and 7-byte UIDs) and MIFARE Ultralight® (Standard, EV1 80 and 164 bytes), Vicinity, SL2S2002, TiTag Standard, and EM4233. It can also sniff ISO15693 and ISO14443A cards.  

Along with multiple chipset emulation, it can also crack MFKey32 protocol operating cards, in addition to UID sniffing, fuzzing, and manipulation. 

What all will the hacker receive when you order the Chameleon Tiny Professional for him/her? 

  • Chameleon Tiny Professional  
  • USB C Cable 
  • Leather Cover 
  • Small screw driver and Screws 

      3. USB Ninja

USB Ninja is one of the primary requirements of every hacker. It needed to be physically plugged into the machine that you wanted to hack. It is quite similar to a USB cable and can be used for data transmission and charging but when the secret command is provided through the Bluetooth remote control or the phone then it will act as a stealthy attacker; now USB Ninja will emulate the USB input device and deliver the hidden payload to the host computer. This truly versatile tool can be a useful one for hackers as they need it often. 

What makes USB Ninja a handy tool for hackers?  

  • Usually, firewalls and AV software are not able to detect it.  
  • It allows the hacker to easily penetrate any system with a moderate security setup. 
  • USB Ninja is a handy tool for the income tax department, government, police, and other such organizations which require direct access to someone's system. 

      4. Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Mark VII

The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a budget-friendly and useful gift for anyone active in the world of hacking. It is dedicated hardware that is designed to find out the vulnerabilities in the network. It doesn't require pro technical knowledge to conduct the test on this device. Hak5 WiFi Pineapple is quite simple to operate and comes up with an easy-to-use UI.  

In the digital world, once you have access to login details then it becomes effortless to hack other essential information and you can easily get login credentials through Wi-Fi pineapple. One can use it to find out legitimate access to artificial networks; this way a hacker can attack the personal information of the user. Such attacks include DNS spoofing and session hijacking. Due to all these benefits for ethical hackers, it is one of the vital tools.  

     5. Practice Lab Subscriptions

If you are looking for out of the box,  gift for hackers then what would be better than a premium subscription to PortSwigger Labs, Pentester Lab, Offensive Security, Hack The Box,  

Virtual Hacking Labs, Try Hack Me or other such platforms. These platforms offer a stimulus for real-world attacks which will help hackers to understand the basics of cyber security. Such gifts will enhance the skills of a hacker and provide them with more opportunities to grow. 

Hope the above-listed gift ideas will help you to get a perfect gift for any hacker. When you are searching for a proper gift for a hacker then you should only go with quality products; that can help to enhance the skills and provide crucial assistance in the work. Such gifts will motivate him/her to achieve the highest level of success in professional life. If you want to explore new products in the cyber security space then you may visit store.exploit.io to get a complete idea of all the latest developments in this segment. 

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